The doctor

Dr. Arnold Markowitz, infectious disease specialist

One of Michigan’s Most Trusted Infectious Disease Doctors

Doctor Arnold Markowitz is not your typical M.D.

Dr. Markowitz has practiced internal medicine for more than 30 years and is one of the most respected infectious disease doctors in Michigan. As one of only a handful doctors who specialize in Lyme disease in Michigan, he treats thousands of infectious disease patients each year. His other specialties include the treatment of:

  • cellulitis
  • osteomyelitis
  • hepatitis
  • sexually transmitted diseases
  • wound infections, including animal bites
  • chronic fatigue syndrome

Dr. Markowitz earned his reputation as one of the most prominent and successful infectious disease doctors in Michigan. His patients call him caring, thorough and eccentric. He and his team pride themselves on their personable approach to treating infectious disease – from offering a small intimate office setting, to his investigative approach to each patient’s unique medical history. He does not wear a lab coat and your calls to his office will never be sent to voice mail. Patients are never rushed through an exam with the doctor. They often travel hundreds of miles to visit his Detroit-area offices.

His staff find him unusually dedicated, with a quirky and friendly sense of humor, and a professional investigative approach.

Dr. Markowitz graduated from Wayne State University School of Medicine in 1971, completing an internship from Detroit’s Sinai Grace Hospital the following year. He finished his residency in 1974 at Barnes Jewish Hospital in Saint Louis, Mo., and later returned to Detroit to complete a fellowship at Hutzel Hospital Wayne in 1976. One of Dr. Markowitz’s most notable accomplishments occurred in March 1977, during one of Michigan’s largest Botulism outbreaks. Fifty-nine people fell seriously ill from eating canned peppers at a Mexican restaurant in Pontiac. Dr. Markowitz quickly diagnosed the illness as type B Botulism, and reported his findings to state health officials within a few days.

Dr. Markowitz is affiliated with the American College of Physicians.

Treating fibromyalgia, hepatitis, HIV, AIDS, tuberculosis, lyme disease, tick associated diseases, ehrlichia, babesia, bartonella, Q fever, animal bites, sexually transmitted diseases, STD's, osteomyelitis, bone infections, infectious, arthritis, septic arthritis, sinusitis, otititis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, respiratory infections, pneumonia, cough, tuberculosis, TB, fungal infections, skin and soft tissue infections, wound infections, diabetic foot infections, surgical wound infections, cellulitis, abscess, urinary tract infections, urethritis, cystitis, pyelonephritis, kidney infections, prostatitis, MRSA , staph infections, catheter infections, line infections, pacemaker infections, hardware infections, fever, chronic fatigue syndrome, infectious mono, cytomegalovirus, herpes, shingles, rheumatic fever, cat scratch disease, lung nodules, lymph node diseases, ALS, mimics, diarrhea, and providing vaccines travel medicine and antibiotic infusion in Michigan.